Visiting Bogota in a Weekend – 3 Days in Colombia’s Capital

Like another famous Latin American capital (Mexico City), Bogota might not be the first place you think of to spend a weekend eating incredible food and touring museums. While Colombia’s image in the media might conjure images of drug-fueled violence, the city, in reality, is a mecca for culture, gastronomy, and history. Daily flights now …

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Peru in 7 Days: Lima, Cusco, and Machu Picchu Itinerary

Is Machu Picchu on your bucket list? Or maybe you’re a fan of ceviche, llamas, and history? Whatever your reason, Peru is one of the most fascinating, beautiful, and exciting places to visit. If you’re pressed for time, you’ll benefit from my experience of visiting Peru in 7 days – including stops in Lima, Cusco, …

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