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VIP Lounge Miami – Priority Pass Lounge at Miami International Airport

Airport lounge access is one of my favorite perks of the Chase Sapphire Reserve card, which comes with a Priority Pass membership. While I love exploring the lounges at airports far and wide, I took time to really enjoy the lounge at my home airport, Miami, last week. Although, it’s no longer my “home” airport as we took a one-way flight out of Miami to begin our long-term travel adventure! Read on to learn about one of the Priority Pass Miami lounges, the VIP Lounge Miami, in MIA’s Concourse H. If you’re passing through Miami, this lounge is an oasis in the busy South Terminal.

vip lounge miami priority pass

How to use Priority Pass – Miami International Airport

The Miami International Airport is currently home to three Priority Pass lounges. The Club America Lounge is in Concourse F (Central Terminal) and the Avianca Lounge and the VIP Lounge Miami are in Concourse H (South Terminal). In the North Terminal (D gates – where most American Airlines flights depart), there is a new partnership between Priority Pass and the Corona Beach House restaurant. This deal gives Priority Pass members $30 off their bill or $60 for the member and a guest. However, Corona Beach House is a restaurant, not a lounge with lounge amenities, so I’m not including it in my count of lounges at MIA.

To get to the VIP Lounge Miami and the Avianca Lounge, head to Concourse H, airside (through security). Follow signs marked “VIP Lounges,” and you’ll find an escalator and elevator on the right side of the concourse. Go upstairs, and you’ll find a greeter ready to accept your Priority Pass card and confirm your flight info. The VIP Lounge Miami and the Avianca Lounge are right next to each other, and depending on how busy each lounge is, the greeter will send you to one or the other.

When using Priority Pass to enter the lounge, you can either present your physical card or the digital version. You’ll also need to present your boarding pass. Depending on your membership type, you may be allowed to bring guests. With the Chase Sapphire Reserve card, you can bring as many guests as you want!

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VIP Lounge Miami Food & Drink

Food and drinks are expensive enough in the Magic City! No need to buy a ridiculously high-priced empanada or Cuban sandwich at the airport. With Priority Pass, you can enjoy a nice spread of refreshments at the VIP Lounge Miami – complimentary.

priority pass miami breakfast food

During breakfast hours, the lounge offers a variety of cereals, yogurt, pastries, breads, and drinks. There’s also a nice coffee machine that can make lattes, cappuccinos, etc.

vip lounge priority pass miami food

Even fruit smoothies and granola! The real silverware and dishes feel luxurious compared to the typical plastic stuff in the airport food court.

vip lounge miami airport refreshments

The lounge has a selection of refrigerated, bottled drinks – including Perrier, tonic water, sodas, and still water. Don’t tell anyone, but I usually grab a bottle or two on my way out to drink on the plane.

priority pass miami bar drinks

And, of course, a full bar. Airport lounges usually operate on the honor system, and this one is no exception. You can help yourself to wine and an assortment of spirits. Garnishes like olives and limes are also available.

VIP Lounge Miami Amenities

Although the free food and drink is my favorite lounge feature, travelers appreciate the other amenities too. This Priority Pass Miami lounge includes lots of comfortable seating, a business center, clean bathrooms, and showers.

priority pass miami vip lounge bathroom

In addition to the men’s and women’s bathrooms, there are private shower rooms. The showers are first come, first serve – no need to sign up for a time slot or pay an extra fee.

business center vip lounge miami

The business center has both Mac and PC computers for guest use, as well as a printer. There is free WiFi throughout the lounge, too.

newspapers airport lounge miami

Travelers can catch up on the news by watching one of the many TVs or reading a newspaper from around the world. The lounge also has plenty of magazines to read. Or you can just relax and admire the view.

VIP Lounge Miami has an awesome view of the downtown skyline and the sunrise. You can also watch planes take off as you sip your free rum and coke. Sounds much better than sharing a crowded gate area and jockeying for a free outlet!

The seating area has an assortment of armchairs, couches, and tables with outlets galore.

Make the most of your time in MIA by visiting the VIP Lounge Miami. And with Priority Pass, you can eat, drink, and use the amenities with no extra fees.

Do you have Priority Pass? Or are you a frequent lounge-goer? Tell me your favorite lounge in the comments!

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