Hello and welcome to Adri En Route!

I’m Adrienne, a self-confessed travel geek. Not only do I work in the travel industry, but I’m also a full-time traveler as of January 2018. I spend most of my free time reading about travel, planning the next leg of my trip, or going on that next adventure. Where am I now? And where will I be in the future? Check out my itinerary page.

With goal of travel perfection and a passion for analytics and spreadsheets, you can expect that I do a TON of research before I go somewhere. I study the neighborhoods, restaurants, things to do, transportation options, and I even check SeatGuru before choosing my seat on the plane. I admit it, I’m a little obsessive about planning travel.

That’s why I created Adri En Route – I wanted to share what I’ve learned with you so you can feel confident traveling to new places. Without spending a ton of time scrolling Yelp reviews and search results. Always in a money-saving mindset, I recommend the best of a destination and tips on how to get there.

En route from Bronte Beach to Bondi Beach, NSW, Australia
Bronte Beach, NSW, Australia

What can I expect from Adri En Route?

So you may be wondering… is it possible to travel more but pay less? What’s all this I hear about credit card points and frequent flyer miles? How do I decide where to go next? And how do I stay fit and healthy along the way?

And once I get where I’m going, how can I have the best possible experience? To me, authentic, local experiences are the best.

If you’re a travel newbie or a million-miler, I hope you’ll find a thing or two here to make your travel more affordable and enjoyable.

Stay tuned for all of this and more. Thanks for coming with me on this journey!

My background: travel as a passion and a career

Travel has been my passion from a very young age. In fact, as a kid, my dream job was a cruise director. While the other kids were drawing pictures of houses or animals or trees, I was illustrating incredibly detailed cruise ships (true story, ask my mom). My interest in travel inspired me to enter the hospitality industry, attending Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration and working at several hotels and travel companies along the way.

Through my experience in the travel industry, I’ve learned some tricks of the trade that I’m excited to share with you!

So far, some of my favorite destinations include Mexico City, Melbourne, Australia, and Machu Picchu. Although, this list never stays the same for long!

A few minutes after the sun rose at Machu Picchu, Peru
Machu Picchu, Peru

How can we stay in touch?

I’ll post a couple times per week, and you can get my freshest updates on Instagram and Facebook. You can also leave a comment or contact me if you have any specific questions or would like advice on planning a trip. Happy travels!